X Factor 3 Vehicle Promotional Tour

The Brief

The producers of the X Factor approached us to provide 3 branded vehicles for 5 days filming for the upcoming start of the X Factor show, in particular they required a Hospitality Coach, Rigid Truck and an articulated trailer pulled by a Peterbilt Tractor Unit

The Response

We reviewed their request and informed them that although we didn’t posses these vehicles we could arrange for there hire and branding, plus all the relevent ;logistics and drivers for the filming

The producers agreed and we commenced the task of locating a street legal Peterbilt tractor Unit, the remaineder of the vehicles being a simple sourcing proceedure

The Result

The vehicles were used for filming over the first 4 days with shots taken of them traveling in convoy on the Motorway system, On a private airfield cameras were attached to wheel arches and to film shots of the wheels turning

On the last day the vehicles entered London for one of the registration days at Tottenham Football stadium


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