TGI Fridays Hospitality Bus Tour

Case study showing the development process of TGI Fridays 12 week Hospitality bus tour
TGI Hospitality Bus Tour

The Brief

Initially contacted by TGI Friday’s agents, Owl Live, we where asked if we could supply quotes for a promotional bus to undergo a 12 week tour of the UK

The bus would be used to introduce a new range of cocktails available at TGI Friday’s bars around the country.

The hospitality bus would also be used to promote the TGI Friday twitter site

he bus was to provide a safe environment for TGI Friday staff and visitors, include a bar to display cocktail mixing techniques to 10 -12 visitors, a photo booth, hospitality seating for a further 10 visitors with access to IPads, a kitchen area, fridge and glasswasher, printers, TV screens with DVD input, ice maker, 20 barriers, pop-up entrance as well provide internal/external music and internet access

The Response

We initially offered our existing hospitality bus with modifications, but it quickly became apparent, due to storage, electrical power and water requirements, that the bus wasn’t big enough on its own to provide everything and we suggested adding a second “support” vehicle.

TGI agreed and we set about modifying the two vehicles to suit the promotion Vehicle 1, the double decker was equipped with a bar to the upper saloon and a number of changes were made to the worktops and internal fittings to make them more TGI

The second, support vehicle was a van equipped with external facing TV’s and folding stage unit to this we added a glass washer and water tanks to hold sufficient water for a 1 day event

The Result

On June 22nd the vehicles departed for Wembley in London for the first of the 12 venue locations and returned to Blackpool on September 8th

Both vehicles attending the various 2 and 3 days events in cities around the UK, the features built in to both vehicles proving very suucessful, including the stage on the support vehicle which was used for a silent disco

Overall TGI Fridays expected an average of 50 visitors to the bus per day, an average day being 4pm – 8pm in reality they averaged 90 visitors per day, almost doubling their expectations, in other words a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL TOUR


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