Slough Asthma Service Hire Mobile Clinic

For the 2nd year running the Slough Children's Asthma Service have hired a health bus, mobile clinic to undertake Asthma checks on local school children

Every year, during the 3rd week of September there is a well-documented spike in the number of children attending hospital or GP surgeries with an exacerbation of their asthma symptoms. It is unknown exactly what causes the ‘September spike’ however there are numerous theories including poor compliance with preventer inhalers over the holidays, stress of returning to school and increased exposure to germs and allergens.

In order to tackle the ‘September spike’ head on, the Slough Children’s Asthma Service secured funding from the Frimley Health Charity Funds and CCG to hire RSP05 as the Asthma Health Promotion Bus. The bus will visit 15 of the largest secondary schools in Slough from the 19th September till the 2nd October.


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