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Exhibition buses or Exhibition Vehicles whatever the name of the event vehicles, exhibition buses are one of the mainstays of promotional marketing roadshows, interior layouts and the types of exhibition buses may differ from event to event, however the principle is the same, informing the audience about the product or concept.
The most popular type of branded exhibition buses are the double decker exhibition buses, each consisting of over 450sq ft of floor space and over 100 sq metres of exterior branding space. Internal configurations differ between exhibition vehicles or exhibition buses with the most popular configuration being exhibition area on the upper deck and hospitality/presentation area on the lower deck.

Exhibition Bus Services

We offer a number of single decker and double decker exhibition vehicles for hire, these exhibition buses come “as is” and you utilise their existing converted interior or we can modify or convert the interior of the exhibition bus to make it a more bespoke exhibition vehicle suitable for your proposed usage.
Clients looking at hiring a converted exhibition vehicle should click on the Get A Quote or Speak To Us Today buttons top and bottom of the page which will direct you to our contact page with all the information required for you to make an enquiry.

Clients requiring information on owning and converting buses into exhibition buses should visit the Vehicle Conversion Section of the website which provides information on converting buses and other vehicles and also provides details on refurbishing existing exhibition vehicles.

Already own one or more exhibition vehicles and want them re-branded then visit our Vehicle Branding Section.
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Exhibition Buses


RSP01 this is one of the first exhibition buses operated by Roadshow Promotions to hit the road. Equipped with everything required to undertake Exhibition Roadshows.


RSP06 Our adaptive single decker exhibition bus, designed to undertake a number of different exhibition tour event types, ideal for low cost branding and tight spaces.


RSP02 Completely modernised interior this double decker exhibition bus is suitable for a wide range of exhibition bus tour types where a clean, corporate interior is a must.


RSP10 this HGV Exhibition van is equipped with 1 private room, including kitchen area, along with a front information or waiting area.


RSP07 One of the latest in a line of single decker exhibition buses, designed to undertake a number of different exhibition bus tour types, ideal for low cost branding or focused events.


Roadshow Promotions have a number of buses that are pre converted as exhibition vehicles

Our exhibition buses come with many, if not all the following features:

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Next Steps

For more information on our promotional vehicles or other services, please contact us using our Contact form if you wish to hire any of our promotional buses.
Alternatively telephone 01253 923800 one of our experienced promotions team will be happy to assist.
We are aware that many of our clients have never undertaken the daunting task of a organising an promotional marketing roadshow tour and have many questions relating to the whole process
Our Project Management team will help and advise you through the whole process, from choosing the right promotional bus for the job to selecting the right locations, they also provide help with branding, modification/conversions and can provide ideas based upon your budgets