Phillips 66 Double Decker Hospitality Bus Conversion

Conversion of a preconverted double decker bus in to a hospitality bus for Phillips 66
Double Decker Bus Conversion

The Brief

Phillips 66 was launched in the UK early 2012 as a result of the repositioning of ConocoPhillips upstream and downstream operations.

While the introduction of Phillips 66 to the UK brings a new name to the sector, their iconic JET brand remains unchanged.

Phillips 66 commissioned the bus for a 2 week Roadshow around the UK to introduce its new name to the Jet Fuel Franchises

We were asked for a totally enclosed double decker bus configured as both a hospitality unit and Semi Private Meeting system, meetings taking place in “Zoned” areas of the Upper Deck each zone having a visable TV displaying a PowerPoint presentation

The Response

We took a pre-existing converted bus that matched several of the basic requirements i.e. blocked in windows, mains electricity network and began to convert the interior to suit the Phiullips 66 concept.

To the lower saloon we installed a 4.8kw generator to supply all the mains electricity the bus would require, a kitchen, new central doorway, leather seating to the rear, covered the walls and ceilings in white panel boards and Oak effect vinyl to the floor and finally installed two LED TV’s a 21″ to the rear of the stairs and 32″ LED TV to the rear wall.

To the upper saloon we enclosed the stairway and created the three “zoned” areas, by installing inward facing leather seating to the front, and 2 x diagonally opposing corner seats in the midsection and rear.

The Result

Once completed and branded inside and out we invited the Phillips 66 marketing team to come down and view the bus conversion, which they did.

The Phillips 66 team were overjoyed at the end result which more than exeeded their expectations.

The bus subsequently began its two wek tour visiting iconic and historic sites around the UK, but the story didn’t end there images of the converted and co-branded bus where used extensively in their marketing, including the corporate christmas cards sent out to thousands of suppliers, clients and franchises


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