Pfizer Double Decker Health Bus

After discussions with a number of NHS PCT's Pfizer required a health bus to configured with 2 x consultation rooms to undertake a number of free health checks on local residents
Pfizer Health Bus on Tour

The Brief

We were contacted by the Pfizer, who requested a 30 week hire of a fully branded double decker health bus or mobile clinic during 2011 to undertake health checks for a number of local NHS PCT’s in the South East Region

The Response

We suggested RSP04-DD-HTH one of our double decker health buses configured with 4 consultation rooms as the mobile clinic of choice the vehicle being equipped with wheelchair access Pfizer accepted our recommendation and the bus was subsequently wrapped with the “Hands Up for a Free Health Check” vinyl Branding

The Result

Very successful tour, the health bus visiting over 30 locations over the 30 week tour and the on-board staff undertaking many thousands of health checks in the region, including High Wycombe who undertook over 3,000 individual health checks in just one week


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