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Shale Gas Promotional Vahicle Case Study relating to their 3 week tour of the UK using our adaptive promotional van

The Brief

Approached by the agents of the Shale Gas companies we were asked to provide a small promotional vehicle to promote the benefits of shale gas and Fracking and accept questions about the process from the general public

The Response

We suggested our hybrid digital advertising van with one of its 60″ external facing TV’s connected to the Internet¬†and a street team with hand held tablet computers as a way forward. The agents agreed and we prepared the promotional vehicle for the task ahead

The Result

With Fracking being such an emotional subject, security of both the vehicle and staff were uppermost in our minds and we were careful in both the selection of staff and parking locations for the vehicle. Although the vehicle did attract protesters at a couple of locations the staff were able to calm the situation and the events continued to run smoothly


Over the 3 weeks of the Shale tour the Promotional vehicle traveled to the following cities
  • Blackpool
  • Lytham St Annes
  • Preston
  • Lincoln


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