Hallam FM Parkfield Training Bus Hire

Case Study outlining the 1 week hire request, selection and outcome of the Hallam FM Parkwood Academy Single decker Training Bus Tour

The Brief

Sheffield’s Hallam FM approached us after receiving great reports about our services from its sister radio station, Key 103 in Manchester.

Hallam FM required a single decker training bus to undertake a 1 week tour around Sheffield promoting the services of Parkwood Academy

The Response

We suggested RSP09, the single decker bus that they had previously used for an exhibition tour.

The bus was equipped with 8 laptops, Internet access 4 LCD TV’s one of which faced outward, hospitality features and could run silent, power coming from a bank of leisure batteries.

Hallam FM and Parkwood agreed and arrangements where made to brand the bus and deliver it to Sheffield

The Result

On Sunday 27th June the newly branded training bus departed Blackpool for Sheffield where it would visit 5 locations within the city promoting Parkwood Academy and their services

A secondary aspect of the tour was promoting the upcoming Hallam FM Summer Live event, the exterior of the bus being heavily branded with details of the event inside and out


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