Grass Roots Hospitality Bus

Approached by Grass Roots to provide a hospitality bus for a 1 week staff engagement tour of the southern England offices
Grass Roots Hospitality Bus Tour

The Brief

We were asked by the Event company Grass Roots to provide a bus for a staff engagement tour of several of their offices

The interior must be a safe environment for staff and be designed in such a way that staff could write on or apply post-it notes to any surface inside the bus

The buses interior must be all white

The Response

We suggested our recently upgraded Meeting and Hospitality bus as the best option,

The bus already had a large expance of white walls interspaced with black and we coud use a mix of white vinyled Foamex board and white viny to cover the interior, including the floor

Internal seats could be re-trimmed with white leather, in addition we could make part of the upper saloon wall removable/replaceble so that the days posts could be saved at the local office.

The Result

After 2 weeks in the workshop getting branded inside and out the bus set off from Blackpoo and the tour commenced

With the multitude of post-it notes applied to the interior and the happy smiling faces of the organising team and staff the whole tour was considered to be a roaring sucess.


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