Go Dad Run Promotional Bus Tour

Go Dad Run promotional bus Case Study relating to their 2 week tour of the UK using our single decker promotional bus

The Brief

Approached by Lilly to provide a single decker bus for their chosen charity Go Dad Run who in turn provided support services for Prostrate Cancer UK, The bus would be used to promote the Go Dad Run event being held in a number of cities around the country

The Response

We suggested our recently developed Adaptive single decker bus as the best for the tour. Lilly after seeing a number of images of the vehicle agreed, but then asked for our assistance in providing both location booking services and a street marketing team to promote it

The Result

We booked the sites for the bus to undertaking its promotional duties and supplied a 5 man/woman street marketing team in each city to promote the up coming charity run.
Overall the tour was a major success attracting many men to sign-up and take part in the local Go Dad Run event


During its 1 week tour the promotional bus spent 2 days at each of the following locations
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • London


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