Enterprising Young People Hospitality Bus Tour

Case Study outlining the 1 week hire request, selection and outcome of the Enterprising Young People Hospitality Bus request
Barnsley hospitality Bus Tour

The Brief

We again received a hire request from Barnsley council this time it was for one of our Hospitality buses, which was required to travel around the Barnsley catchment area, where it would be used to invite young entrepreneurs to come aboard and discuss their plans.

The Response

We suggested our primary double decker hospitality and meeting bus which was designed to accept varying levels of internal and external branding and was equipped with a multitude of audio visual equipment

Barnsley agreed and we set to work preparing the bus and designing its internal and external branding

The Result

The hospitality bus departed Blackpool on Sunday 19th October for Barnsley, fully branded and ready for work

Over the next week the bus travelled to 12 youth centre locations within the Barnsley area and young people were invited aboard to discuss and learn about the enterprise scheme


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