Elvis Karaoke Exhibition Tour

Sony Music Elvis Karaoke Tour Case Study relating to their 1 week tour of the UK using our branded hybrid Exhibition Van

The Brief

A request was made by Sony Music, who were looking for an exhibition vehicle where an Elvis impersonator on a stage could entice passers by to take part in a Karaoke event the main requirements being a stage and large lit Elvis sign on the roof

The Response

We suggested RSP10-HGV-EXH our smallest vehicle in the fleet, being a Peugeot Boxer HGV, the vehicle was already equipped with an attachable stage , after reviewing the vehicle the client agreed and once the costs were calculated and agreed the exhibition unit was booked

The Result

As per usual a highly effective tour with crowds gathering wherever the exhibition vehicle appeared, so successful was the tour Sony asked if the vehicle could be used for a further week inside a conference centre, unfortunately the vehicles width and height meant it couldn’t access the building


Initially hired for 1 week which turned to 3 weeks and 8 locations across the UK these being:
  • Blackpool
  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh


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