Census Promotional Bus

Census 2011 promotional bus Case Study relating to their 4 week tour of the UK using our double decker promotional bus

The Brief

Approached by the Office of National Statistics Agents we were asked to provide a promotional double decker bus, branded with an origami style vinyl wrap to the exterior the vehicle would be used for a three week period promoting the upcoming 2011 Census

The nus would also have to carry a large number of leaflets and posters, in 11 languages, to cover all the ethnic groups the vehicle would meet up with.

The Response

We suggested one of our double decker promotional buses which came with a basic interior but was also boxed out, which would allow for easy hanging of all the posters required.

After viewing the vehicle the agents agreed the bus would be suitable with a few minor alterations which we undertook as soon as the tour was signed off, the main alteration being the inclusion of some work tops and an interior colour change.

The Result

The tour nearly never happened, as the bus was severely damaged by an HGV dropping part of its load in front of it on the motorway whilst en-route to London for the launch, however our roadside repair and recovery team spend 15 hours working on the bus and it finally arrived in London 2 hours prior to the start

Although initially required for 3 weeks the hire period jumped to six weeks hire very soon after the tour started due to its phenomenal success.


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