CandleLighters Bus November 2017

Locations visited by the CandleLighters bus during November. The bus offers a range of treatments, including all forms of massage, reflexology and energy balancing

Travelling across Yorkshire, the bus will be offering our free support services to everyone affected by childhood cancer, whether it be Mum, Dad, a sibling, grandparent, close friend or the patient themselves.

The Candlelighters bus is a single decker which is separated into three main rooms. Two of these areas act as treatment rooms where families can access a variety of massage treatments and talking therapies. The other room is a cosy reception, complete with seating, coffee and cake.

The bus will be used to offer a range of treatments, including all forms of massage, reflexology and energy balancing. In addition, they will also be taking our talking therapists, Paul and Dianne, on the road.


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