CandleLighters Bus December January

Acupressure chair massage & energy balancing, provided to families affected by childhood cancer

Research showed that many Candlelighters families travel a significant distance to access the facilities of The Square, family support centre in Leeds city centre. In addition to this, they found that family support in the areas these families came from was lacking compared to that available in areas closer to Leeds.

At Candlelighters, they want every family to be able to continue accessing support whilst their child is on treatment, after treatment or when the family is bereaved. Yet it can be difficult for some families to visit The Square for many reasons; cost of travel, length of journey or if a family is bereaved, they may not want to visit a place which could trigger emotions and memories.

As a result of this research, they now take all the best bits of The Square to them- in a place close to home via the CandleLighters single decker event bus


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