Bristol Myers Squibb Hospitality Bus Conversion

Bespoke double decker bus converted to both a hospitality unit and product awareness system, with "Zoned" areas of the Upper Deck
BMS Double Decker Bus Conversion

The Brief

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global BioPharma company firmly focused on its Mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

We were initially contacted by the Oncology department of Bristol-Myer Squibb to quote for a 4 week tour of UK Hospitals where BMS staff would promote the launch of a new cancer drug to Specialists, Doctors and Nurses

After discussions with both the UK and USA it was decided that the tour should be extended to 3 months and that Roadshow Promotions were the ideal company to provide the vehicle and conversion services.

The Response

To provide a bespoke totally enclosed double decker bus converted to both a hospitality unit and product awareness system, product awareness taking place in “Zoned” areas of the Upper Deck via computers

Due to legal requirements members of the public were not allowed aboard the bus and no drug branding material should be visible to casual observers

We took a pre-existing converted bus that matched several of the basic requirements i.e. Central door, blocked in windows, mains electricity network and began to convert the bus interior to suit Bristol-Myer Squibbs concept.

The Result

To the lower saloon we installed a 4.5kw generator to supply all the mains electricity the bus would require, installed a kitchen and kitchen bar to the lower deck forward wheelarch areas, leather seating to the rear, covered the walls and ceilings in brand coloured material and carpet to the floor and finally installed two LED TV’s a 21″ to the rear of the stairs and 32″ LED TV to the rear wall.

To the upper saloon we installed a series of worktops to form the “zoned” areas, we also covered the walls and ceiling with brand coloured material and floor with carpet, last but not least we installed a 32″ LCD TV to the rear with a leather corner seat under.

Finally we installed internal branding to the upper saloon along with 4 x Lightboxes, installed the computers and configured the server to feed the required data to all the onboard TV’s and laptops


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