Branded advertising Bus Hire

Unibail Rodamco promotional bus Case Study relating to their 2 day hire using our single decker promotional bus

The Brief

We were approached by Unibail Rodamco to brand and park the branded single decker bus on the forecourt of a London exhibition and conference for 36 hours Unfortunately we only had one single decker available,this being our partially converted Adaptive exhibition bus

The Response

There were a number of issues we had to overcome when it came to positioning the bus on the forecourt of the Exhibition Centre the main issue being the bus had to climb several steps to get on site,not an easy thing for them to do

The Result

After some out of box thinking we managed to overcome the step issue and the positiong on the forecourt after what the driver described as a 1 million point turn. The end result being a highly visible advert for the Unibail Rodamco stand in the exhibition centre


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