AQA Hire 2 Training Buses

Case Study outlining the 2 buses 2 week hire request, selection and outcome of AQA Exhibition Bus Tour 2

The Brief

The Educational Examination people AQA approached us with a request for 2 computer IT Training buses for a UK Tour. However the computers aboard the vehicles were not to be used for training, but for collecting responses from an online questionnaire relating to changes in the upcoming school exam papers.

The buses needed to be a safe environment for both AQA staff and visiting teachers and equipped with 10 computers connected to the internet, there also needed to be some form of hospitality features

The Response

We suggested our 2 double decker IT Computer Training buses as the right vehicles for the job, each equipped with 10 Windows 7 workstations and wireless mobile broadband internet access as well as ample meet and greet space, hospitality kitchen facilities and lower saloon presentation space.

AQA agreed and after having both buses branded set to work on planning the route and installing software on the computers with AQA Prior to the buses leaving Blackpool for their Southern England starting points

The Result

On Sunday 2nd February the buses departed Blackpool each destined to visit 10 schools over the two week period. Unfortunately bus one was involved in an accident shortly after leaving the depot and had to be recovered back to base, but after our mechanics pulled out all the stops was back on the road 24hrs later

The buses visited Manchester,Guildford, Solihull, Wednesbury,Leicester, Sheffield, Maccelsfield, Bromsgrove, Cheltenham,Farnborough, Taunton, Exeter, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Hull, Grimsby, Luton, Colchester, London, Maidstone and Eastbourne


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