AQA Exhibition Bus Hire

Case Study outlining the 2 buses for 2 weeks hire request, selection and outcome of the AQA Double decker Exhibition Bus Tour

The Brief

AQA returned with another bus hire request, this time it was for 2 exhibition buses for two weeks. The buses would be undertaking similar routes to those undertaken by the training buses earlier in the year however on this occasion they would be providing a story.

There was no requirement for workstation however they did require a considerable amount of branding on the upper saloon along with internet enabled IPads

The Response

Due to it being a very busy period for double decker buses we suggested utilising the same two IT Training buses from the previous tour, which we would adapt to suit the tour, we would also need to rebrand the buses as they had undertaken other tours since the last AQA tour

AQA agreed and we modified one vehicle by removing all computers and the stands used to mount them and both buses by installing a foamex board retention system along with mounting IPad mounts

The Result

With both exhibition buses rebranded inside and out, equipped with IPads and new reading material for the visiting teachers, they finally left Blackpool of their start points on Sunday 22nd June

Over the next two weeks the two buses visited 10 locations each, these being London, Welling, Tonbridge, Oxted, Basildon, Milton Keynes, Camberley, Southampton, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham,Loughborough, Wakefield, Newcastle, Bolton, Liverpool, Manchester and Helsby


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