Abbott Nutrition Exhibition Bus Tour

Abbott Nutrition Exhibition bus Case Study relating to their 8 day tour of the UK using our double decker mobile exhibition vehicle

The Brief

We were approached by Abbott Nutrition who required an exhibition vehicle to undertake a tour of hospitals, the vehicle needed to be of sufficient size to exhibit their range of nutritional products and have a seating area

The Response

We suggested our “Boxed in” Exhibition bus as the vehicle most suited for the event, with its massive amount of internal branding space, large seating arrays and Audio Visual equipment.
After reviewing images of the vehicle Abbott’s Nutrition agreed and we began the preparation work 

The Result

The bus departed our Blackpool depot on Sunday 8th June for Bury so that it would be ready for the first days event on Monday 8th June, and proved to be a great success with both the visitors and Abbott Nutrition, who asked we save the internal branding boards for future tours.


During the 8 day tour the exhibition bus visited several hospitals in the Anglia Region including:
  • Bury
  • Ipswich
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Norwich
  • Kings Lyn
  • Leicester


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